Within the scope of our project,we are going to talk about travelling in the wonderful destination of Punta Cana.Indeed,our goal aim at putting forward the advantages of this place in order to attract as much people as possible,hence the nickname of our blog “Vamos Punta Cana”.

In fact,we will highlight the fact that on this island,there are lots of activities to do,such as snorkelling,visiting island, swimming with dolphins or shark,safari tour,diving,hawk paragliding,kite surf, aquapark,surf, zip lines adventure .

In addition,we will show not only the breathtaking landscapes that exist there,even the closest one, but we will also talk about the spectacular local community of this place,their language and way of living.Indeed,according to us,they needs to be recognized by everyone because it is thanks to them that we learn about the culture of the island.

Thus,Tourism in Punta Cana is an important fact in our blog,as well for the landscapes,but also for the local community,their culture and their language. Finally, you will discover through our blog the hidden corners of punta Cana and some good tips for lunch, to move or to stay.