Informations, Preventions and Risks:

Shopping and Local Products –

If you want to buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic, you can buy the Taino’s were first inhabitants in the island. Theirs crafts are still reproduced in clay or stone figures, drawings, paintings or decorating daily objects like t-shirts, ashtrays or cups. If you w; ant to buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic, Taino crafts is one of your best options. 

These are paintingfull of color and movement. We can find them in different sizes and motivates, representing different island situations: sugarcane collection, agriculture, dances or abstract motives. No doubt, this is the most striking and well-known island souvenir. You will see people on your homebound flight with these characteristic wrappers that reveal that they have decided to buy souvenirs in Dominican Republic. 

A typical Dominicandrink,made with island roots, honey and rum, amongst others. You can buy the prepared drink or only the dry ingredients. Legend says that is an aphrodisiac.

Rum also, is the most international Dominican drink, if there is a protagonist when we talk about buying souvenirs in Dominican Republic, we are talking about rum. 

He is the national alcoholic drink made from sugar cane. You can find either the white (transparent) rum or golden one. The different national brands, many of them internationally recognized, have been developing different rums, to adapt to all tastes, needs and pockets. Even, thinking of those visitors who want a smaller size bottle so that transportation is not an impediment. 

Almost as famous as rum, coffee is another key product when you think about buying souvenirs in the Dominican Republic. Grain or ground, intense or light…but always with the aroma and and the unique body that these lands give, if you are a coffee lover, you must to try. 

One of the most typical Dominican presents for women is the jewelrymade with larimar. It’s based on a sky-blue stone that you can only find on this island. The larimar is a perfect gift to give to that special person or even as a gift to yourself. You can find chains, beautiful earrings or fantastic bracelets. The larimar always looks perfect and will remind you of your trip to the beautiful Caribbean Sea that surrounds the Punta Cana coasts. 

This beautiful natural resin, called amber, is also a characteristic local Dominican product.

it’s used in jewelry, in box decoration or household items. The quality of the Dominican amber is intentionally recognized. In fact, this country harbors one of the most important amber museums in the world. 

Dominican tobacco enjoys an important reputation. It is the perfect complement to many Dominican excursions and experiences : to be able to see how the artisan cigars are made, how the tabacco leaf is cultivated, dried and rolled.

It’s a delicate product to preserve and maintain, so you have to be careful when choosing where to buy them.But it’s one of the best souvenir options in the dominican republic, if you appreciate the tobacco taste. Our advice is that to ensure correct flavour and preservation, you buy them in specialized stores or where they have a specific area with proper temperature care. 

Souvenirs that you shouldn’t buy:

Articles made from turtle shells : like the hawksbill, bighead or carreta. Remember that it’sa protected species 

The coral: some establishments have the appropriate license and regulations for their sale. It’s not recommended to try to remove coral from the country, not even if you find iton the beach or in places of dubious reputation

Lambi Shell: a large dominican mollusc shell. Very attractive as a Dominican Republic keepsake but it’s protected, and only some establishments have the necessary permits for their sale. 

Starfish: like the coral and Lambi shell, you can’t take them from the beach as a souvenir and you have to be careful where you buy them.

Bavaro Runners

Enjoy a journey by discovering the real Punta Cana, and his wonderful population with an organized tour

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This adventure will allow you to discover and appreciate the fauna and flora of the country. You will have the chance to interact with the inhabitants of this beautiful country far from the resorts that do not show the real Punta Cana

The tour begins most of the time in the fields of the Central Romana Corporation, this is the country’s largest sugarcane plantation and one of the largest expanses in all the world. I suggest you to make a stop to record a piece of sugar and learn the different stages of making Dominican rum. Sometimes you can even taste the rum, if you like that. 

After discovering all the secrets of sugar and rum, you have the possibility to see how the cigars are made and they will explain the history of tobacco and its traditional manufacture. After that, continue your journey to a typical house where you will enjoy fresh exotic fruits, coffee and cocoa. You will see how Dominicans live from their products. 

For my part, I take a formal with a Dominican buffet lunch who is served at a ranch.

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You will probably return your hotel a the end of the afternoon, and as many excursion hotel organize the travel from the activities to the hotel. The price is approximately 80 euros.

Saona Island

Enjoy, the beautifiul Saona Island, during a day and discovers the beauty of this Island next to Punta Cana 

Saona Island is located off the southeastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Part of the Este National Park, it is known for its mangroves, coral reefs and palm-fringed beaches, such as Palmilla Beach. The shallow waters of the island host starfish. 

There are a lot of activities and nature, ride and place to explore in Saona Island. I will give you some place, that you could really enjoy to discover during your vacation in Punta Cana. 

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Cueva Padre Nuestro in Saona Island

If you like diving the Cueva Padre Nuestro is made for you. This is a cave, where you can dive, and discover some natural species. 

You can also visited a wonderful place on Saona Island : The Parque Nacional Del Este. The Parque Nacional Del Este is located in eastern Dominican Republic. Founded on September 16, 1975, the park consists of 31,244 Ha of open space on the southeastern peninsula of Hispaniola and 10,650 Ha on Island  Saona. This is a really popular tourist destination, where you can visit for example a Palmera. 

There are also a lot of wonderful beachs who will make your day. I will give you some ideas, that you will have a wonderful journey like the Canto de la Playa or the Playa del Gato.

Lagoon in Saona Island

On Saona Island there some natural lagon such as Laguna Los Flamencos and Laguna Secucho. A lagoon is a generally a shallow body of water separated from the sea by a shoreline.

Surfing in Punta Cana

Surf is an unavoidable activities to do in Punta Cana. The most scenic surfing spot is Macao Beach.The most scenic surfing spot is Macao Beach.

Of Polynesian origin, Surf was for a very long time the preserve of the royal families whose leaders proved their value, strength and courage by facing the waves. Appeared in France at the end of the 1950s, Surfing consists of standing upright on a board, carried by a surging wave while performing maneuvers. Discipline demanding, surfing requires a long learning. It is by far the discipline that federates the largest number of practitioners. 

In Punta Cana you can surf during all the year and enjoy good quality surfing year round, with the biggest waves arriving in the middle of August to September for Hurricane Season, and again from November through March. But even, if it is possible all year, it is not possible everywhere. 

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Much of the hotel zone of Punta Cana is protected by an offshore reef which of course interferes with the wave action causing minimal waves normally. If you go north of the hotel zone you get more wave action but also isolation and undertow, neither of which are good from a safety standpoint. According to that, the only surf spot in Punta Cana is Macao Beach. There are no hotels on this beach, so it is the best spot. There are different surf school, the most famous is « Macao surf camp »

They offers a surf program who meet everyone’s needs. Whether you have never surfed before and always dreamed of learning, or if you just want to improve your existing skills, we have the coaching that will enable you to reach your goals.

Dolphins explorer

Approach dolphins, sharks and others sea animals, is a dream for a lot people, that you can realize  at Dolphins Explorer.

Dolphins explorer is aquatic park where you have the possibility to come nearer from dolphins, sea lions, mantas, tropical birds and moreover. Located at the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic, it is known to be a privileged place for swimming with dolphins. This is a familial activities, that will be enjoyed by the youngest and the oldest. They propose some shows and different formula option to swim with dolphins. This can be an unforgettable experience with dolphins led by experts

The different types of program goes from the simple meet with dolphins at he park to a cruise where you can enjoy an afternoon with sharks, rays and other sea animals. You can consult the different types of sea animals on their website : Funtastic; Explorer; Excellence; Extreme; Dolphin; Explorer; Cruiser; A Wild Life Park; Sharks & Rays Encounter; Sea Explorer. 

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Prices goes from 25 to 130 euros. For example, the program « A Wild Life Park » who include  an entry for the park where you will have the possibility to see the tropical and sea lions shows, adults have to pay 30 euros and children 22euros. 

Concerning the program « Cruiser », who include obviously a catamaran cruise, to swim with fur seals (age requirement minimum 8 years old), a sharks and rays snorkel session (age requirement minimum 8 years old), a reef snorkel ad the possibility to stay in the Natural Pool. Of course during the cruise some drinks and snacks will be offered to you on board. The price for all those service are about 90 euros for adults and 45 euros per child. Most of hotels organize the trip from the hotel to the park « Dolphins Explorer », but you can also get there by yourself with a car location.

Noah Restaurant & Lounge

This is one of the most visited sites in Punta Cana and surely one of the best restaurants. You can choose between a covered terrace or an indoor room. A wide variety, there is something for everyone: meat, fish, seafood, but also local, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free dishes. There is something for every taste.

Located further from the coast, this restaurant will allow you to discover more atypical and different surroundings of the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana. You can discover the city centers.

This restaurant offers dishes prepared with fresh products, including specialties from the sea. Indeed, the reviews are very positive: “Good service, fresh fish and deliciously prepared”, “the food especially the octopus entry is really good”.

As for the prices, they are normal, you will come out with a menu between 18 and 22 euros, which is reasonable for dishes like these with generous portions and very well presented.

You can go for lunch or dinner on weekends only and from 12:00 to 1:00. However, being often full, it is best to book for no expectations or even to choose an indoor or outdoor location.

I recommend this restaurant for its impeccable service, delicious food, good value for money and warm atmosphere thanks to a nice decoration and very nice waiters.

Hotel Paradisus Palma Real Resort Golf & Spa Resort

Hello everyone ,

A hotel in Punta Cana, it is the ideal for a quiet stay during which you will have the opportunity to rest and simply enjoy the sun and the heat of the Dominican Republic. And today, we will speak about a hotel very appreciated by the vacationers who wish to relax in the calm and the comfort: the Hotel Paradisus Real Palma Resort Golf & Spa Resort.

This beachfront hotel in Punta Cana, 20 minutes from Punta Cana airport and on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, has a very convenient location for holidaymakers who do not have the means of transportation.

Regarding the style of the hotel, luxury, refinement, originality, comfort and elegance will be present thanks to the amenities such as the spectacular pool on the beach but also the 18-hole golf course and without counting the Spa and its yoga classes, tai chi, pilates available to guests of the hotel that will allow you relaxation .

You will find at your disposal the restaurant of the hotel which will offer you a panel of dishes concocted by the chef Martín Berasategui, holder of seven Michelin stars. Between international cuisine, Italian caterer, Japanese dishes, barbecue, Peruvian gastronomy or Indonesian cuisine there will be for all tastes.

For family stays the hotel will allow you to relax in love and your children will be supported by animators, who will make them participate in interactive animations (tennis, climbing, cooking, treasure hunts …), games of pool and beaches as well as mini-shows. It is possible for the child to have lunch on site, which allows him to live in the club a day nonstop.De more, a babysitting service is available on request (and with participation). The activities are not lacking, you will never fall into the boredom between aerobics, basketball, canoeing, tennis, darts, bocce or diving.

In terms of price, you can find them directly on the site of the hotel, admittedly it is a bit expensive but quality price level is very reasonable.

I recommend vicente this hotel that it is to 2, between friends or family, your trip will be all the more beautiful.

Hotel Be Live Punta Cana

The Hotel Be Live Punta Cana. The Be Live Hotel retains a human size compared to some that look very big like a factory. Several “pavilions” make up the hotel, with a succession of perfectly maintained swimming pools and gardens. On site there is everything you need to chill in peace, 6 restaurants, 1 buffet, 1 disco, 3 bars (including one in the pool), a private beach and dedicated spaces for families.

A good compromise to leave and enjoy with children who can stay independent enjoying the pool but can also be accompanied by the hotel’s child care service that offers activities for children all day.

With the benefit of a VIP welcome, access to the cocktail bar, a room overlooking the pool and the private beach reserved for VIP Adults Only are reserved for you.

 A haven of peace to relax, which does not prevent to enjoy the animations Lookéa: Zumba, aperitif contest, water aerobics and others.

The rooms are beautiful and clean with views of the sea or the garden, it’s really beautiful.

The service Be Live is very professional, very pleasant and ultra friendly, in a few days you can know everyone.

A hotel in which tourists would return with pleasure, moreover the group has establishments all around the globe!

As far as prices are concerned, the weekly price per person is around 1000 euros, which is normal and not excessive for a hotel like this in Punta Cana.

I recommend this hotel for a stay in relaxation and comfort, however if you go there you will not be immersed in the heart of Punta Cana and you may tend to stay in this comfort by forgetting to visit the rest of the city.


Today we will talk about a well-known restaurant in Punta Cana: The Lorenzillo’s.

Located between the Bavaro Lagoon and the Coco Bongo nightclub, this atypical pirates-themed restaurant will offer you a delicious meal around the seafood.

Indeed, you will be able to discover a varied choice between different types of fish and crustaceans but you will also be able to choose the products that you will taste. I was able, personally, to choose the size, the weight, the color of my lobster in the aquarium, which is really original.

In addition, for children who do not find their happiness in the menu, cooks can concoct special dishes for them like pineapple skewers with chickens. This is really a nice attention for them. And they can also take souvenir photos with pirates and walk with dolphins in the lagoon next door. This friendly place with waiters listening is really perfect for a family vacation but also one to one to sip delicious cocktails.

Regarding prices, it may be necessary to leave about fifty euros but this is very reasonable for the amount collected in the plate. I highly recommend this unmissable restaurant in Punta Cana with its unique decoration, fantastic dishes and magical world.

Returns are only favorable: “Location and beautiful surroundings”, “just perfect”, “the service and food are irreproachable”, “We do not go to Punta Cana without going to eat at this restaurant! Or “Looking for a restaurant to eat fish, fresh lobster … so do not hesitate.”

Culture,History and Language

Spectacular excursions in Punta Cana

Tours and Excursions in Punta Cana are very attracted by tourists. Furthermore,people can find them at the most affordable prices possible. By Booking Online, on,people can devote more of your valuable time spent in Punta Cana to do what you came here for… VACATION!

Enjoy a wide variety of tours and excursions that highlight the cultural, historical and natural diversity of the Dominican Republic. And as always, when you book your Tour or Excursion with us, you have our 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can find a pallet of things to do,to visit,to discover ! For instance, you can do the Saona Island and discover what the caribbean Sea hide. Discover a  waist-deep sandbar, savory buffet, catamaran, speed boat, Latin music, Sun, Sand and Palm Trees through a day with us.In addition, you can do something totally different as an excursion on the sea. Indeed, the wonders of Santo Domingo can be such an appealing experience ! Over 500+ years of incredible history are locked in Santo Domingo’s Colonial streets. We’re taking you from Punta Cana to this chronicled municipality and its infamous Colonial Zone. Enjoy authentic Dominican cuisine coupled with an authentic full day experience outside the resort.

Nevertheless, you can also visit the Saona Island by Helicopter for stronger feelings ! Partake in a truly VIP experience by flying to Saona Island in your very own helicopter! Soar above and beyond the tourism and arrive to your own little slice of heaven. In addition of that, A lobster lunch is included , an open bar and the beautiful shores of Saona await.All our Tours will bring you a memorable moment which will catch your heart forever.

If interested, see the testimony of people sharing their experience on the website and contact them !

Culture,History and Language

A Pallet of languages spoken : From one to many others

It is important to know that the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish ! However,the Dominican Republic also has between 500 000 and 700 000 Haitian immigrants who live mainly in Bateys near the sugar cane cultivation fields. Hence,Haitians are the poorest community in this country. Many of them speak only Haitian Creole, which is the second language of the country after the Espagnol and this underline how much Punta cana is diverisifed .In addition,the actual francophones are probably less than 5 000 people (including Dominicans). Of the 500 000 to 700 000 Haitians, some have been present for several generations, and speak only Spanish. Some Dominicans born in the USA, and returning home, speak only English, or are bilingual English/Spanish: They are mostly young people, who are entrepreneurs, and graduates. However,The Taino, Native American language, has completely disappeared and English and French are taught as foreign languages in the public and private. Indeed,these languages are mostly spoken in places such as in clubs,where employees come from all over the world.In the Club Med of Punta Cana, an employee let a comment on his experience as a catering manager. He claimed “ Club Med is a multicultural company that allows its employees to discover new challenges…” In addition we can find other more discret languages such as Chinese,spoken by 25 ‘ 000 refugees from the Chinese revolution but also Japanese where we can find a small Japanese village in the country and finally the Arab language because there is a large Arab community of 3,000 speakers.Punta Cana gather people from all around the world and it is thanks to them if the magic operate on this country.With all the  spoken there,this extraordinary city of the Dominican Republic is a pallet of whealthyness…